Christmas 2018

We are now 3 days in to December and I can already feel (and I must admit to being slightly resistant to) the crescendo of Christmas.

This year will be a bit different for us, we are living in a small (but lovely) rental cottage with much of our stuff in storage. So instead of dusting off the usual paraphernalia, we are opting for a small tree decorated with entirely hand made ornaments. The girls are already excitedly planning paper angels and butterflies to tie on the branches.

It will also be our first Christmas with a dog - even more excuse to be outside as much as possible - excellent for my mind and body health.

My last class of the year will be Tuesday 18th December at Ebb & Flow. Teaching will resume 7th January at Mila. I’m looking forward to having three weeks off to rest and spend time with my family...a bit of ‘off the mat’ yoga.

Likewise if you are unable to get out to any classes over the festive period, try a few cat stretches at home and see how that feels, light a candle and watch the flame for a minute or 10, take some deep conscious breaths, or go for a’s good for all of us to remember that yoga happens everywhere, everyday - not just in a studio.

I wish you all a fabulous break.

03 December 2018

Winter Term 2018

I trust that you have all had the summer that you needed.

I am taking the last week off to be with my family - as many of you know we have had a hectic and turbulent few months and really need this last week just to BE.

I shall be back teaching on Thursday 6th September at Mila with my regular 9.30am class. This is a great fun class where we get creative with our flow and also take time to get familiar with going upside down.

Wednesday night Onslow Village class will return on September 13th but please not there will be no classes on either 10th or the 31st of October.

26 August 2018

There are still a couple of spots left for my March Portugal retreat.

Having just got back from 10 blissful days in Ibiza where the temperatures were peaking at 19 degrees I can attest to how healing that southern Mediterranean sun is at this time of year!

Join me!

Prices from £1050

more details here 21 February 2018


Join me for the next Yoga Philosophy Workshop at Yoga Mila on October 6th.

In this session we will dive into the amazing and extraordinary Hatha Yoga Pradipika...if you ever wondered why we practice yoga, where these practices come and where they lead to then this book explains it.

For booking and more info see the Mila website.

And as always...there will be raw chocolates!

Price £20.

25 September 2017

Join me this winter...
Join me this winter...

On a weekend diving into nourishing full spectrum yoga practices.

This weekend is dedicated to using yoga as a tool to set us up to get through the darker months.

The practices will be a mixture of dynamic vinyasa yoga and more gentle practices along with meditation, self-inquiry and philosophy and so much more.

Check out the retreats page for more info!

12 September 2017

Winter Retreat Dates

The yoga room at Poundon
The yoga room at Poundon

I am thrilled to announce that I will be running another winter retreat this November 24-26th.

This weekend will focus on journeying inwards to nourish ourselves so we can feel resilient through the darker months.

Booking details and more info will be released soon.

Prices from £385/person

04 July 2017

Check out the retreats page for details of my 2017 dates.

04 December 2016



I'm thrilled announce that my little webshop is open for business.

I'm starting small but will be listing more over the coming weeks and months...

You can expect to find items either made by me or sourced from inspirational creators with the intention of enhancing a conscious lifestyle.

I believe passionately in home-made, handmade and small batch items which come crafted with love and infused with the spirit of the maker.

07 September 2016

18 August 2016


Urdhva dhanurasana
Urdhva dhanurasana

A couple of weeks ago I recieved a lovely email from Poppy at CorkYogis, a small london based start up.

She asked if I would mind reviewing they mat and sharing my feedback. Having had a good read through about the product and the grand ethos I was happy to say yes.

I have to admit I was totally drawn in by the idea of a cork mat. I love cork. Having spent most of my life holidaying in the South of France surrounded by cork trees, the look and feel of cork evokes very happy memories for me (growing up we had a cork fruit bowl for as long as I can remember). And according to CorkYogis website their cork is sourced ethically and sustainably, the bark taken grows back in about 8 years. That seemed quite a while for me to start with until I reflected how long lasting cork is (fruit bowl case in point) and that most people don't buy a new mat very often. I have had my own mat for many years now and it is only just starting to show signs of wear and tear.

The real beauty of CorkYogis is the way they are supporting vulnerable women. This is their mission statement:

"Our mission is help women living in India, who are stuck in the sex trade, break free from the industry and find dignified employment. Each time a customer purchases a high-quality, ecofriendly yoga mat; our company is able to teach a woman a skill to secure dignified employment.”

My mat turned up in a beautiful jade green bag made from old sari fabric by the women at Destiny Reflection in Calcutta. Destiny Reflection is a non-profit social enterprise that provides dignified employment and social integration for young women and girls that have been sold into the sex slave trade.

This is not big business and big charity, it is one small start up making a donation to a small functioning charity every time a mat is sold.

As for the mat, well it's super lovely to practice on. It's well cushioned, grippy and looks divine. I used it at a workshop at Mila instead of my usual mat and just found it a dream. It's quite heavy to cart around from class to class but my existing mat is also heavy...I guess it's the price you pay for good padding and slightly thicker mat.

I will be bringing the mat back into the studio for anyone to have a go on...I'd love to know what you all think?

CorkYogis is trying to raise money and win support from Richard Branson through the Pitch to Rich 2016 campaign. You can vote for them here and also purchase one of their mats at great discount as part of their crowd funding.



28 April 2016

JANUARY 2016 Newsletter

My latest yogic ramblings...on not setting NY resolutions, some words about dukha, a blessing from John O'Donohue and other bits...

05 January 2016


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19 November 2015



Today's savasana music was OM MANI PADME HUM 1 by Jane Winther see her site here - for those of you who use the service her music is on Spotify.

29 August 2015


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19 August 2015

You really do you know...

27 July 2015


Join me on retreat!
Join me on retreat!

My latest newsletter is out and is all about tapping into your creativity and how fulfilling and liberating that is...check it out here:

Also included are details of my upcoming retreat - less than a month to go and still a chance to join an amazing group of yogini a for a woodland yoga immersion.

10 May 2015


Check out my latest newsletter...on how to be more you, abhyanga massage, retreat 2015 and staying weird.

Om shanti

10 March 2015


I'm so happy to release this to the world. A commission to write about my yoga journey and motherhood (ups and downs) in Baby Surrey & Baby Hampshire.

Out now!

06 January 2015

Winter Solstice Celebration
Winter Solstice Celebration

Join me this Sunday and a host of other teachers to celebrate our shortest day.


17 December 2014


Relax, put your feet up and take a look at my November newsletter
Relax, put your feet up and take a look at my November newsletter

If you haven't already received and read this months yoga need then click below for my ramblings thoughts on...well...rambling!


Charlie x

22 November 2014