The rooftop pool
The rooftop pool

LUXURY PORTUGAL RETREAT - March 21-26, 2018.

I’m so thrilled to finally be offering a retreat further afield!

In March 2018 I aml teaming up with Wellness Live to lead a 5 night retreat to Olhão in southern Portugal.

The accommodation is off the scale stunning - a huge beautifully decorated historic townhouse with a roof top swimming pool.

The yoga will mostly be done outside on he roof but there is also a dedicated meditation space. I have planned a full spectrum of practices for the 5 nights. Wellness Live have also organised a secret excursion!

Olhão is a small fishing port full of winding streets and little eateries. Aside from the local waterfront we will be located a short boat ride from several small islands with their plentiful mostly deserted beaches.

All in all this retreat, the yoga sessions, the food, the house, the setting, has been thoughtfully designed to offer you a complete sanctuary for 5 days so that you can fully relax, reflect, and re-energise.

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We hope you'll join us. Booking and enquiries are through Susan on