Retreat 2019
Retreat 2019


Taking yourself on retreat is a beautiful, nurturing experience.

I am passionate about the need to disconnect from technology and spend more time in nature. Being in nature and immersing in practices of yoga and wellbeing connects you back to your true self. When you serve your own needs you begin to thrive and are in a better position to serve others.

later this summer I will be once again at The Green Escape to lead a 3 night retreat from the 23rd to the 24th August.

I absolutely adore this venue - it is one of the most relaxing places that I have ever stayed. The shepherd’s huts are amazing; cosy and warm. This is living’ at its best, exactly the right combination of comfort and outdoors.

Over the weekend there will be yoga sessions, meditation, walking, time for relaxing and reading or chatting with like minded people. Food will be cooked by the amazing Ceri Jones (Natural Kitchen Adventures) who will also lead a natural cooking workshop.

Booking is through The Retreat Club and prices start from £ 395 pp.

The retreat and Green Escape has given me the time to sink myself into yoga properly for the first time in years since practicing it. It’s a way of life not just a bunch of movements. And...I love it.”

~ Sarah, 2018