Yoga in the woods at The Green Escape
Yoga in the woods at The Green Escape


Taking yourself on retreat is a beautiful self nurturing experience.

I am passionate about the need to disconnect from technology and spend more time in nature. Being in nature and immersing in practices of yoga and wellbeing connects you back to your true self. When you serve your own needs begin to thrive and are in a better position to serve others.

I will be back running my women's retreat for the 3rd consecutive year at The Green Escape from June 9th to 11th. It will be an amazing immersive yoga experience with food once again from the amazing Jan. For more details see here and please do email me to express your interest - this one books up fast!

In addition to my own retreat I will be leading three next year for Stretching The City - the first one is at the amazing 42 acres from the 3rd to the 5th February, the second runs over the 2nd May bank holiday at Brooklands Barns and another summer retreat at The Green Escape from the 28th to the 30th July. Bookings for all STC are retreats are through them but do mention you heard about it through me.

So to sum up the dates:

3rd - 5th February at 42 Acres

26 - 29th May at BrooklandsGuestHouse Barn

9th - 11th June at The Green Escape (women only) NOW FULLY BOOKED

28th - 30th July at The Green Escape


Charlie xxx