Taking yourself on retreat is a beautiful self nurturing experience.

I am passionate about the need to disconnect from technology and spend more time in nature. Being in nature and immersing in practices of yoga and wellbeing connects you back to your true self. When you serve your own needs begin to thrive and are in a better position to serve others.

I organise and lead my own retreats through the year - I take great care choosing suitable venues and times of year that I feel are most conducive to gaining from your retreat. Coming up in November I will be leading a nourishing Winter retreat at Poundon House, a beautiful eccentric country house in the Oxfordshire countryside. This retreat will focus around The Inner Journey we all need to take at this time of year in order to sustain ourselves through the darker months and create fertile ground for the future.

I also lead regular retreats for Stretching The City and in 2018 will be working with The Retreat Club.


24th - 26th November - The Inner Journey Retreat at Poundon House, Oxfordshire. Booking is direct through me and you can see the full information here.


19th - 21st January - at the amazing Somerset venue 42 Acres

25th - 28th May (bank holiday special) - at my favourite woodland venue - The Green Escape

more details and booking for both of these retreats is through Polly's Yoga