Extended class practice with an inversions focus.

This is not strictly a workshop as you can use a normal class pass (or £15) drop in to attend.

But you do get a fun and adventurous inversions focussed extra long class!

Venue and booking Yoga Mila



Yoga Philosophy Workshop

Abhyasa and Vairagya: Practice and Non-attachment

Join me for an evening of exploring yoga philosophy.

‘abyāsa vairāgyābhyām tannirodhah’ 

The control of the fluctuations of the mind is brought about by practice and non-attachment.

Practice and non-attachment - these are two challenging precepts of yoga.

Abhyasa (practice) calls for us to make the effort, to show up - on the mat and in life - day after day. Vairagya (non-attachment) requires us to tackle the mind-stuff in a bold, courageous way.

This notion of effort and non-attachment (surrender) is full of paradox and contradictions (we will have fun discussing those!). But they are also - when practiced, experienced and realised - interdependent and fully complimentary, just like the sun and the moon. 

This yoga philosophy workshop aims to explore Patanjali’s sutra 1:12 in detail but also to use it as a jumping off point from which to delve into other yogic ideas and concepts. 

What to expect from this workshop?

This workshop will be held in circle form. We will start by getting comfortable with a warm drink before diving into philosophy. You can expect discussion, meditation and time for self reflection - questions are readily welcomed.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone with a curious mind, those wanting to know more about the background to their contemporary ory practice, teachers and student teachers. No previous knowledge of the text is necessary but if you have a copy of the Sutras bring it along.

£25 per person.

Venue and booking Yoga Mila, Godalming